SIG Sauer P220 220RM45BSS

SIG Sauer P220 220RM45BSS

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*This model has an increased trigger pull weight for Massachusetts compliance. The modern SIG SAUER pistol story began with the P220. In 1976 the .45 ACP P220 was introduced and quickly became recognized as one of "the most accurate 45s right out of the box." Since that time the P220 has earned an enviable record in hot spots around the world. The P220 features a stainless steel slide machined from barstock and coated with a durable, wear-resistant Nitron finish, light-weight alloy frame with integral accessory rail, and the SIG SAUER four-point safety system of decocking lever, patented automatic firing pin safety block, safety intercept notch, and trigger bar disconnector. 

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Brand SIG Sauer
Category Handguns
Action Single/Double
Caliber .45 ACP
Capacity 8+1
Finish Black
Sights Night Sights
Barrel Length 4.4"
Gun Type Pistol
Grip Black

Detailed Review

The SIG Sauer P220 220RM45BSS is a full-sized, double-action/single-action (DA/SA) handgun chambered in .45 ACP. Designed in the late 1970s as a replacement for the ageing M1911 platform, the P220 quickly established itself as a reliable and accurate alternative.

The P220 220RM45BSS features a stainless steel slide with a black Nitron finish, giving it an elegant yet rugged appearance. The frame is also made of stainless steel and features a black hard coat anodized finish.

The P220 has a barrel length of 4.4 inches and an overall length of 7.7 inches. The gun has a height of 5.5 inches and a width of 1.5 inches. It weighs in at 30.4 ounces unloaded.

One of the standout features of the P220 220RM45BSS is its trigger. As previously mentioned, the gun is DA/SA, meaning that the first shot is fired in double-action mode (where the trigger pull is longer and heavier), and subsequent shots are fired in single-action mode (where the trigger pull is lighter and shorter). The trigger itself is crisp and smooth, making it easy to shoot accurately.

The P220 220RM45BSS also has a decocking lever, which allows the user to safely lower the hammer without firing a round. This is a valuable safety feature, especially for those who carry the gun for self-defense.

The gun comes with two 8-round magazines, although higher-capacity magazines are available. The magazines are made of blued steel and feature witness holes to indicate the number of rounds remaining. The magazine release button is located on the left side of the frame and is easily accessible with the thumb.

The P220 220RM45BSS has fixed combat sights, with a front sight blade that is dovetailed into the slide and a rear sight that is drift-adjustable for windage. While some may prefer adjustable sights, the fixed sights on the P220 are durable and easier to maintain.

In terms of performance, the P220 220RM45BSS is a reliable and accurate handgun. The .45 ACP cartridge is powerful and effective, and the gun's weight and profile make it manageable under recoil. The DA/SA trigger and decocking lever add an extra layer of safety and ease of use.

The P220 220RM45BSS comes with a manufacturer's warranty and is backed by SIG Sauer's reputation for quality and customer service.

Overall, the SIG Sauer P220 220RM45BSS is a well-designed and well-manufactured handgun that is suitable for a variety of applications, including self-defense, law enforcement, and target shooting.

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John B
December 5, 2017
Firearms Review Rating 100%

John B on

Sig notch, old school quality that only goes bang when you want it to. Bud's does their part with painless super fast transactions and shipping.

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