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About Glock 21

Remarkable for its accuracy and light recoil, the GLOCK 21SF delivers the legendary stopping power of the .45 AUTO round with 10/13 round magazine capacity. Countless law enforcement units swear by the G21SF pistol, and that's why this powerful, lightweight, all climate workhorse is standard issue from the North to South Poles. The SF model reduces the circumference of the receiver at the rear, or "back strap," offering increased comfort and controlespecially for shooters with smaller hands.

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Brand Glock
Category Handguns
Action Safe Action
Caliber .45 ACP
Capacity 13+1
Finish Black
Sights Fixed
Barrel Length 4.60"
Length 7.52"
Gun Type Pistol
Grip Black

Detailed Review

Glock 21 is a .45 ACP pistol manufactured by Glock, a renowned Austrian firearms manufacturer. It was introduced in 1990, and since then, it has become one of the most popular handguns among law enforcement officers, military personnel, and civilians who prefer large-caliber pistols.

The Glock 21 features a polymer frame that makes it lightweight, durable, and easy to handle. The pistol has a fixed front sight and an adjustable rear sight, which allows for accurate shooting at various distances. The barrel measures 4.6 inches, and the overall length of the pistol is 8.22 inches.

The pistol comes with a ten-round magazine, but it can accommodate higher-capacity magazines, such as the thirteen-round magazine. It has a unique Safe Action System that comprises three independent mechanisms: trigger safety, firing pin safety, and drop safety. This system ensures that the pistol will not discharge accidentally and provides an additional level of safety.

The Glock 21 has a double-action trigger, which means that the first round can be fired without manually cocking the pistol. The trigger pull is consistent and smooth, with an average weight of 5.5 pounds.

The pistol has a relatively low recoil due to its heavy weight and low bore axis design. This makes it easy to control and shoot accurately. The grip is comfortable and ergonomic, allowing for a firm and secure hold on the pistol.

The Glock 21 is easy to clean and maintain. It has a simple disassembly process that involves removing the magazine, checking the chamber for any rounds, pulling down on the takedown lever, and sliding the upper receiver off the frame.

In conclusion, the Glock 21 is a reliable, accurate, and durable pistol that is widely used by law enforcement agencies, military personnel, and civilians. Its lightweight design, low recoil, and ergonomic grip make it a pleasure to shoot. With its unique Safe Action System and easy maintenance, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality .45 ACP pistol.

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Mathew Y
November 17, 2019
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Mathew Y on

The company of Glock says it in the name quality it's why cops choose it with their lives

Bradford P
August 29, 2019
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Received my new 45 ACP Glock was happy with the condition I got it in, shoots good and feels good just which there was a little more factory grease in it but over all very happy with this firearm.

Robert W
May 10, 2019
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Great weapon at a great price fits my hand perfect even though I'm of small stature have put about 300 rounds through it without any problems whatsoever and I would not hesitate to recommend this weapon.

Griffin M
April 9, 2019
Firearms Review Rating 100%

By far the best carry pistol in production. As a Smith Im asked quite often what Someone should get their wife or what someone to get for themselves and I always tell them Glock because it always goes bang no matter what. And don't alter it in anyway just

Joshua M
November 8, 2018
Firearms Review Rating 100%

What can I say? It's a Glock. It fires perfectly with almost no up keep. The SF frame fits nicely in my hands. Only gripe about the weapon is that it only came with 2 magazines. My gen 3 Glock 22 RTF 2 came with 3 magazines. I ordered the 3rd mag on my ow

frank h
August 17, 2018
Firearms Review Rating 100%

after price match and 5$ off coupon i got this pistol for 473$, showed up with a couple slight blemishes on slide but i really dont care for the price i paid. i havnt takin to the range yet and i doubt it will be more accurate than my 1911 by i have more

aaron h
April 13, 2018
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Awesome gun, it's a glock and its 45.. soooooo ??

tia l
February 17, 2017
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Transaction was quick and painless great shipping on buds end, gun was in new condition shoots smooth easy to handle will buy agian from buds!

January 23, 2016
Firearms Review Rating 100%

As good a shooter as any on the market. Had glock had a factory, assembly plant in the USA . In 1984, our military would be armed with a glock. My issue 1911. Was a great weapon. But rattled like a b.b. in a Pop can. I can hit playing cards consistantly a

Jason G
August 19, 2015
Firearms Review Rating 80%

Love each and every Glock I own! With that said, was a little diappointed when this arrived with several small scratches on top of the slide from what appears to be from the cleaning brush rubbing the slide while in the box.

Michael E
March 19, 2014
Firearms Review Rating 100%

As one of the other reviews noted, it's a big ole' Glock, what's not to like??? The order process was a little slow because I paid via E-check, but it was definitely worth the extra wait time. As for the G21SF, it arrived at my FFL free of scratches or bl

August 12, 2013
Firearms Review Rating 100%

This is my second lay away purchase with Buds. Both transactions have been perfect! Just received my Glock today. Paid off the balance on a Thursday and was delivered to my FFL dealer on Monday. Seamless purchase with Bud's_highly recommend. In terms of m

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Glock 21 Questions and Answers

Asked by geoz48 5 years ago

Is this gun brand new or used?

Unknown 5 years ago

Chris - This is a factory new gun, in the box, straight from Glock.

Asked by geoz48 5 years ago

guide rod assembly

Unknown 5 years ago

Hi Frank, This is normal. I wouldn't worry about it.

Asked by geoz48 6 years ago

Grip size?

Unknown 5 years ago

Hi Alex, G21 SF Gen 3 has a smaller grip than the G21

Asked by geoz48 6 years ago

how many mags

Unknown 5 years ago

Hi Steven, It comes with 2 magazines

Asked by geoz48 6 years ago

Is SF listed anywhere on the gun or on paperwork?

Unknown 5 years ago

SF will be listed on the invoice you will receive from Buds Christopher.

Asked by geoz48 6 years ago

Is this threaded barrel

Unknown 5 years ago

Hi Shannon, This is a Gen 3 Non threaded barrel. SPECS- Specifications and Features: GLOCK 21SF Gen 3 Caliber: .45 ACP Capacity: 13 Round Magazine Frame: Polymer Barrel: 4.6" Length Rifling: 1:15.75", Right Hand Octagonal Twist Sights: Standard GLOCK Sigh

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