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About Glock 36 Gen 3

Each Glock pistol was conceived and designed to accomplish specific objectives while incorporating all the same characteristics and advantages Glock has come to represent.

Six rounds of 45 Auto in a package that fits into the hands of any user. The GLOCK 36 presents grip ergonomics of the next dimension. The single-stack magazine allows for a slim frame and a slide with reduced width. Together with the secure-grip design and minimal trigger-to-grip distance this makes handling the pistol very simple.

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Brand Glock
Category Semi-Auto Pistol
Weight 22.42 oz
Action Double Action
Caliber .45 ACP
Finish Black Matte
Gun Type Semi-Automatic Pistol
Sights Adjustable
Grip Polymer Grip
Barrel Length 3.77"

Detailed Review

Glock 36 Gen 3 is a compact pistol that is designed for concealed carry. It is a single-stack .45 ACP firearm that has a slim profile, making it easy to carry and conceal. The Glock 36 Gen 3 is known for its reliability, accuracy and durability, which are characteristics that Glock has become famous for over the years.

The Glock 36 Gen 3 has a polymer frame that is durable and resistant to corrosion. The slide is made from steel and is coated with a non-reflective finish. The barrel is also made from steel and has a polygonal rifling that enhances accuracy and extends the life of the barrel.

The pistol has a fixed front sight and a rear sight that is adjustable for windage. The trigger is smooth and breaks cleanly. The magazine capacity is 6 rounds, which is enough for self-defense situations. The pistol also has a loaded chamber indicator, which is a useful feature that allows you to check if there is a round in the chamber without having to rack the slide.

The Glock 36 Gen 3 is easy to disassemble and maintain. It comes with a cleaning rod and brush, as well as a magazine loader. The pistol is backed by Glock's reputation for quality and reliability, and it is a popular choice among law enforcement officers and civilians alike.

If you are looking for a reliable, accurate and durable compact pistol for concealed carry, the Glock 36 Gen 3 is an excellent choice. Its slim profile makes it easy to carry and conceal, while its .45 ACP caliber provides exceptional stopping power.

Overall, the Glock 36 Gen 3 is an impressive handgun that delivers on all fronts. Whether you are a law enforcement officer or a civilian, this pistol is an excellent choice for anyone who desires a high-quality firearm that is reliable, accurate and durable.

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August 17, 2016
Firearms Review Rating 100%


Buy one, send the slide to the Glock Store for the Predator cut, have the barrel done with titanium nitride, install all the extended controls available, a tungsten guide rod, a Pyramid trigger, get a couple of magazine extensions and you have what is, in

March 2, 2016
Firearms Review Rating 100%


This is the best defensive choice that I could have made in a handgun. It is compact so that it can go almost anywhere, and the .45 is is THEE proven fight stopper. It does jump when fired as should be expected, but a tight grip and some range practice ca

Ethan G
September 14, 2015
Firearms Review Rating 80%

Very big Glock fan. This is Glock number 8, and overall love it. Cons: Not as small as everybody online makes it out to be. Its in between a G26 and a G23. A little snappy, but comes right back on target. Grip while skinny, is still a little big. I'm 6' 1

Adam L
March 25, 2013
Firearms Review Rating 100%

I couldn't find what I wanted anywhere but Bud's had it and got it to me quickly and as advertised. Very happy with this transaction.

David K
September 11, 2012
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Glock makes an excellent fire arm. I expected no less and am completely satisfied with the pistol.

Joshua S
July 31, 2012
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Great concealable gun. It's not tiny, but it is relatively small and quite light. Fit and finish are good, and most of the edges are rounded so it doesn't dig into your side when you sit down.. Feels good in my hand and the recoil doesn't feel any worse t

Tim T
June 17, 2012
Firearms Review Rating 100%

I avoided Glocks for years because of the grip angle but I finally gave in and gave the 36 a try. Even after the purchase I didn't want to like the gun. However, after spending some time with the gun I have grown to really like the gun and it is my primar

christopher c
March 3, 2012
Firearms Review Rating 100%

First time doing business with Buds and was not disappointed. Gun came in two days and have shot over 200 rounds out of it so far with no issues. Currently use this Glock as my personal carry. Thank you Buds will definitely be doing more business in the f

Ronnie V
February 17, 2012
Firearms Review Rating 100%

A+++++ Top Shelf Firearm Purchased From A Top Shelf Dealer A+++++ First Class All The Way!

Aaron B
January 29, 2012
Firearms Review Rating 100%

This gun is great! I couldn't be more pleased with the Glock 36. The recoil is far less than I expected and the compact size is perfect for concealed carry. I have 1,000 rounds through the gun and have had no problems with FTF, FTE, or finger pinching, as

Brent J
November 13, 2011
Firearms Review Rating 100%

I really love the feel of this pistol. I added the plus one extensions and they really make this grip wonderful. Pistol is very accurate right out of the box. Great for concealed carry.

Jennifer P
September 2, 2011
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Just picked this up from Bud's. They shipped ultra fast. Had it in 2 days. The gun is beautiful and surprised me with it's accuracy. Deadly accurate for a compact .45!! Shot 50 rounds through it and had 1 FTE. Not sure but I think it may have been my faul

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