Taylor's & Company 1887 T-Model

Taylor's & Company 1887 T-Model

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About Taylor's & Company 1887 T-Model

This Lever Action Shotgun is a replication of the shotgun that has been immortalized in Sci-Fi thrillers and Video games. The T-Series is based on the Chiappa 1887 Lever action shotgun that is already known for speed and reliability iin Cowboy Action competition, and a traditional favorite in the field, only now it is ready for another era. The T-Series features all of the characteristics of the standard model, except with an 18.5 Barrel, matte black finish, and wood forearm and pistol grip that has a durable Soft Touch black rubber coating. Wrap your hands around the T-Series today for a fistful of fun and firepower.

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The Taylor's & Company 1887 T-Model is a classic shotgun that is renowned for its reliability and durability. This shotgun is perfect for hunters, shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a versatile firearm that can handle a variety of different tasks.

The 1887 T-Model features a lever-action design that allows for quick and easy cycling of the shotgun. This design also ensures that the shotgun is more reliable than other types of shotguns, as it does not rely on gas or recoil to cycle the action. The shotgun is chambered in 12-gauge and features a 22-inch barrel, making it ideal for hunting and shooting at medium range.

The shotgun comes with a polished, brass receiver and a blued barrel and lever. The stock and forend are made from high-quality walnut and are finished with an oil rub, giving the shotgun a classic, timeless look. The shotgun also features a fixed cylinder bore choke, which provides excellent accuracy and power at close range.

In addition to its excellent performance, the 1887 T-Model is also incredibly easy to use. The lever-action design makes it simple to load and unload the shotgun, while the safety is located behind the trigger, allowing for quick and easy access. The shotgun also features a large, comfortable trigger guard, which makes it easy to fire even with gloves on.

Overall, the Taylor's & Company 1887 T-Model is a classic shotgun that is perfect for hunters, shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a reliable firearm for hunting game, shooting clay targets, or defending your home, the 1887 T-Model is an excellent choice.

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