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<div class="col-1"> Taylor’s &amp; Co., Inc. has been in business for over 30 years and continuosly works on ‘Keeping the Legend Alive’! We are pleased to share our heritage products with serious collectors and sporting shooters alike. Customers have made Taylor’s &amp; Co., Inc. first choice for historically correct 1840’s-1911 firearms, parts, and accessories for more than three decades. Taylor's continues to add products to our line throughout the years with new inventions and improvements for the modern shooter. The Taylor’s product line has expanded to include some tactical and modern firearms to offer even more of a selection to our customers . Our continued pledge to our customers is that every firearm we sell is hand-checked before being shipped out. Our high level of quality control will ensure that customers receive only the finest products for their collection or shooting sport. </div> <div class="col-2">In addition to quality, Taylor’s &amp; Co., Inc. is committed to customer service. We especially enjoy hearing from loyal customers like who may be looking for historical firearms or parts not listed in our catalog. We appreciate every opportunity to help you ‘Keep the Legend Alive.’&nbsp; </div>

Taylor's & Company Lever Rifle

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