Springfield Armory XDM XD9301

Springfield Armory XDM XD9301

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New In Box SPRINGFIELD ARMORY,XD Service Pistols The 4 Inch XD combines safety with quality and ease of use. With the new Ultra Safety Assurance (U.S.A) action trigger system, this polymer framed pistol is as comfortable as it is safe. The 4 Inch Ported V10 XD pistol is the ultimate in ported polymer pistols. Adding ports to the already soft recoil, the XD provides even faster shot to shot recorvery while making no compromises in accuracy. The XDs frame is made from a proprietary polymer material that has produced a pistol that is extremely durable, reliable and lighter than popular competitive models. The frame is checkered in front and rear for a more positive grip, even with wet or sweaty hands. The XDs also have a slide release, ambidextrous magazine release button and a quick turn disassembly lever, allowing for amazingly fast and simple field- stripping. SPECIFICATIONS: Caliber:9mm, .40 S&W, .357 Sig. Action:Single Action Semi-Automatic Safety: Trigger Safety, Firing Pin Safety & Grip Safety Mag Capacity:10 + 1 Barrel Length:4.05" Sights:Dovetail Front & Rear,Steel (All Models Except) Trijicon Night Sights (XD9104,XD9109) Heinie Tritium Slant Pro Night Sights (XD9501,XD9502) Sight Radius:5.9" (Fixed Sight). Trigger:USA (Ultra Safety Assurance) Trigger System. Trigger Pull:5.5 - 7.7 lbs. Overall Length:7.2". Overall Width:1.29" Weight:25oz (All Models Except) 27oz (XD9102,XD9103 and V10 PT) Frame:High Impact Polymer Frame (Black, Bi-Tone, OD Green Finish:All Steel Parts Coated With Proproetary Bruniral Slide:V10 Ported(XD9701,XD9702,XD9703) Warranty:All Covered by the Springfield Lifetime Warranty

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The Springfield Armory XDM XD9301 is a semi-automatic pistol that was designed for self-defense, law enforcement, and military use. This firearm features a polymer frame, stainless steel slide, and a match-grade barrel that provides both accuracy and durability. The XDM XD9301 also includes a number of features that make it easy to use and comfortable to shoot.

One of the most notable features of this pistol is its grip. The XDM XD9301 has an ergonomic grip that is textured to provide a secure hold, even when your hands are wet or sweaty. The grip also features interchangeable backstraps, so you can customize the size and shape of the grip to fit your hand. This is particularly useful if you have smaller or larger hands than average.

The XDM XD9301 also has a low-profile slide stop and magazine release. These features are designed to reduce the likelihood of accidentally pressing them during shooting. The slide stop is specifically designed to be flush with the frame, which means it won't snag on your clothing or other objects. The magazine release is also low-profile, but it's still large enough to be easily accessed with your thumb without having to shift your grip.

This pistol is chambered in 9mm, which means it has a good balance between stopping power and recoil. The XDM XD9301 can hold up to 19 rounds in the standard magazine, which is a high capacity compared to many other pistols in its class. It also features a loaded chamber indicator, which allows you to quickly check whether there is a round in the chamber without having to visually inspect the gun.

The XDM XD9301 has a number of safety features that make it suitable for beginners as well as experienced users. It has a grip safety, which means you have to have a firm grip on the gun in order to fire it. It also has a trigger safety, which prevents accidental discharges if the trigger is bumped or dropped. Additionally, the XDM XD9301 has a striker indicator, which allows you to see whether the gun is cocked or not.

This pistol is also easy to disassemble and clean. It doesn't require any special tools, and you can break it down into its component parts with just a few simple steps. This makes it easy to keep the gun in good working order, which is important if you want it to last for years to come.

In conclusion, the Springfield Armory XDM XD9301 is a reliable, comfortable, and accurate pistol that is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its ergonomic grip, low-profile controls, high capacity magazine, and safety features make it easy to use and suitable for beginners and experienced users alike.

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Steven J
December 24, 2015
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Steven J on

fits in the hand perfect very low recoil this is a great shooter very accurate shoots dead on

Shawn M
November 1, 2015
Firearms Review Rating 100%

I love this little gun. Shoots straight as an arrow.

Roy A
August 23, 2005
Firearms Review Rating 100%

I purchased one of the Springfield XD-9. I love this gun. I really can't say enough good things about it. The look, the feel, and the way the gun carries are all alwsome. I would take this gun over any glock anyday of the week. I was carrying an H&K USP 9

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Unknown 4 years ago

yes it is according to the CA DOJ list be aware that this list expires 1/1/2018 XD9301 / Steel, Polymer Pistol 4.08" 9mm Expires 1/1/2018 list http://certguns.doj.ca.gov/safeguns_resp.asp

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