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Understated Elegance. The Ruger New Bearcat is different from other single-action revolvers. Smaller, lighter, and based on older Remington single-actions of the 1800's, it has a one-piece cylinder frame that also forms its compact grip. It has been described as "a mechanical jewel," and is the smallest and lightest 22 LR caliber single-action made by Ruger. Compact and perfectly proportioned for 22 LR caliber ammunition, it is easy to carry and fits comfortably in a backpack or tackle box. Fulfilling the ideal of a smaller "kit gun" style 22 LR caliber single-action revolver, it is perfect for hikers, campers, boaters, small game hunters, or just about anyone who needs a dependable 22 LR revolver for the trail.

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Brand Ruger
Category Handguns
Weight 24 oz
Action Single Action
Caliber .22 LR
Capacity 6
Finish Blue
Gun Type Revolver
Sights Fixed
Detailed Review

Detailed Review

The Ruger Bearcat is a single-action revolver chambered in .22 Long Rifle. It has a six-round capacity and a 4-inch barrel. The Bearcat was introduced in 1958 and has been a popular firearm for hunting, target shooting, and plinking.

One of the unique features of the Bearcat is its lightweight and compact design. It weighs only 22 ounces and has a total length of just 9 inches. This makes it easy to carry and handle, even for shooters with smaller hands.

The Bearcat has a classic look and feel, with a blued finish and attractive wood grips. Its fixed sights are adjustable for windage, and the trigger pull is smooth and crisp. The Bearcat also has a half-cock position that allows for safe loading and unloading.

In addition to its traditional design, the Bearcat has some modern upgrades that make it even more versatile. The barrel and cylinder are made from stainless steel, which increases durability and allows for use with high-velocity ammunition. The Bearcat also has an ejector rod that allows for quick extraction of spent cartridges.

Overall, the Ruger Bearcat is a reliable and accurate revolver that can be used for a variety of purposes. Its lightweight and compact design make it a great choice for hunters, backpackers, and anyone who wants a dependable firearm for everyday use.

If you're interested in purchasing a Ruger Bearcat, you can find them at most firearms dealers or online retailers. Prices vary depending on the model and condition, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $800 for a new or used Bearcat.

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martin j
April 22, 2019
Firearms Review Rating 100%

martin j on

This Ruger is a beautiful piece of work. The detail of the engraving is really nice.Was really surprised how heavy and nice this felt for the size of it.rn I had this on my wish list for some time and jumped on it when it came available.rnTook it home an

Jeff W
December 8, 2018
Firearms Review Rating 80%

This is a nice little pistol that functions well, however, I wasn't impressed with the quality for the dollar amount I paid. My Bearcat has light scratches on the frame, although it was packed well from the factory. Granted, this pistol will see many more

Justin L
November 5, 2018
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Everything involving this purchase went great. A great gun for a great price.

Ric D
June 12, 2018
Firearms Review Rating 100%

A little piece of machined art, the Ruger Bearcat ! Sculpted stainless steel with balance and Quality, paired with an El Paso Saddlery Holster , it Rocks!

August 16, 2017
Firearms Review Rating 100%

I think the fixed sights look better and Ruger seems to take extra time on these as far as fit n finish. Very nice little revolver indeed! Glad I finally snagged one from Buds!

Anthony B
August 12, 2017
Firearms Review Rating 80%

I just received my Bearcat and I love it! This was my first gun purchase so I learned a lot. The price was excellent because I paid with electronic checks. It took 5 days after the money left my account for the shipping process to begin. I

Joseph M
September 2, 2014
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Great revolver, just picked mine up today. Also the previous comment about the aluminum ejector housing has now been fixed by Ruger, it comes factory with a matching stainless ejector housing now.

Bill Butler
May 3, 2013
Firearms Review Rating 82%

It' a fine re-introduction of the first model Bear Cat. Price is the problem. Originally sold for $49.50 back in the day. The price actually was reduced within a few years, as it was a huge seller and volume of sales made up for the reduction to $39.50. O

July 20, 2012
Firearms Review Rating 100%

My folks bought one of the old style Bearcats brand new back in 1969 and it was what I learned to shoot with as a kid. Sad to say my mom sold it like 25 years ago. Well I have been wanting to get one of these for some time now and Im sure glad I made the

Aaron H
July 10, 2012
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Great little pistol. Fun to shoot, and a clean tight gun. Shipping took two weeks from order date. If your want a small trail gun or just a fun plinker then this is the gun for you.

Drew S
March 11, 2012
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Talk about a great little shooter. I just purchased 2 of these Stainless Steel ones for the kids to have and they are amazing. I have 2 of the Old Style made back in the 60's that are still going strong. As always it was a pleasure doing business with Bud

Mark R
October 25, 2011
Firearms Review Rating 60%

Beautiful pistol with one exception- the ejector housing is made of aluminum and detracts from an othewise flawless revolver. I could't live with that and opted to spend another 50 bucks on a stainless ejector housing that matches the stainless finish. (a

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