HK P2000SK 704302LEA5

HK P2000SK 704302LEA5

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*This model is a commercial Law Enforcement package, which includes three top capacity magazines and installed Night Sights. Like the slightly larger P2000 model, the P2000 SK (subcompact) combines elements of the successful HK USP Compact pistol with recent technological innovations from HK engineers only in a smaller, more concealable design. The P2000 SK is available with Law Enforcement Modification (also known as Combat Defense Action) trigger system introduced in 2001 on the USP Compact "LEM" (Law Enforcement Modification) model. This unique pre-cocked hammer system combines the advantages of a cocked striker component (constant level of trigger pull and short trigger travel from first to last round fired) with a double action hammer system. The LEM/CDA trigger pull has been reduced to 7.3 - 8.5 pounds of pressure (32.5 - 37.8 Newtons), compared to 12 - 15 pounds (53.4 - 66.7 N) found on many conventional double action pistols. Optional adjustment by an HK certified armorer can bring the trigger pull into the 5.5 pound (24.5 N) range. Using such an enhanced trigger system consolidates ease of use and safety into a convenient, innovative trigger operation one that prevents unintended firing. And in case of an ammunition-related failure to fire, all that is needed is an additional second or third pull of the trigger without the need of first pulling the slide back to re-cock the Subcompact. The enhanced LEM/CDA trigger system combines the reliability of a double-action revolver trigger with the crisp, precise trigger of a single-action pistol. For shooters that prefer a conventional double-action/single-action pistol, a double-action/single-action variant is also available with a decock button mounted on the rear of the frame. A choice of two simple-to-install grip panels make it easy to custom-fit the P2000 Subcompact to any shooter's hand. And the same ambidextrous magazine release and dual slide release levers found on the P2000 make handling the Subcompact easy for both right- and left-handed shooters. A set of abbreviated "industry standard" mounting rails on the P2000 SK enable lights, laser aimers, and other accessories to be added by sliding them onto the open rail system. The HK P2000 SK also can use widely available, reliable USP Compact magazines.

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Brand Heckler & Koch Inc
Category Semi-Auto Pistol
Action Double Action Only
Caliber .40 S&W
Capacity 9+1
Finish Black
Sights Night Sights
Barrel Length 3.26"

Detailed Review

The HK P2000SK 704302LEA5 is a subcompact variation of the P2000, which is a polymer-framed, striker-fired handgun produced by Heckler & Koch. The P2000SK variant has a shorter barrel length and grip, making it more suitable for concealed carry or personal defense use.

The P2000SK has a capacity of 10 rounds and fires the 9mm cartridge. However, it also has a variant chambered for the .40 S&W cartridge. It has a double-action/single-action trigger that allows for both rapid follow-up shots and precision shooting.

The P2000SK features a Picatinny rail on the front of the frame that allows for the attachment of accessories such as lights or lasers. The slide is made of nitro-carburized steel to provide additional durability and resistance to wear and tear.

The P2000SK also features a variety of safety features, including a firing pin block, an automatic hammer safety, and a decocking button located on the rear of the slide. These features ensure that the firearm will not discharge accidentally and provide an added layer of security for the user.

The P2000SK's ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and shoot, with interchangeable backstraps that allow the user to customize the grip size to their preference. The pistol's small size and lightweight design make it highly maneuverable and easy to control, while its reliable performance and durable construction ensure that it will perform well in any situation.

Overall, the HK P2000SK 704302LEA5 is an excellent choice for those in need of a reliable, compact firearm for self-defense, concealed carry, or general purpose use.

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Mark D
December 4, 2017
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Mark D on

Great Gun - have had this pistol for over a year and it is a joy to shoot once u get used to the LEM trigger. No jams ever.

Jonathan O
June 30, 2014
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Awesome package here. P2000sk LEM with Night Sights and Three mags for a few more dollars than the standard version. Buy it why you can. Buds was fast on the shipping. No surprises or anything out of the ordinary. Thanks Buds!

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