Walther CCP 5080311

Walther CCP 5080311

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About Walther CCP 5080311

Walther is known for their high quality pistols and with the Walther CCP Semi Auto Pistols you can be assured that your personal and protection needs are met. The all new CCP (Concealed Carry Pistol) in 9mm Luger has an ideal combination of style, ergonomics, size, shape, accuracy, and ability to conceal comfortably.  The new Walther SOFTCOIL gas-delayed blowback technology works to make the CCP an excellent concealed carry firearm.

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Brand Walther Arms
Category Handguns
Caliber 9x19mm Parabellum
Capacity 8+1
Finish Cerakote
Gun Type Pistol
Grip Forest Green Poylmer
Barrel Length 3.54"

Detailed Review

The Walther CCP 5080311 is a modern pistol designed for concealed carry. It features a low-profile design that makes it easy to conceal, and its lightweight construction ensures comfortable carrying throughout the day. This handgun is chambered in 9mm and offers a 7+1 round capacity.

One of the standout features of the Walther CCP 5080311 is its soft-coil technology. This system reduces recoil and allows for faster follow-up shots. Additionally, the CCP has a unique gas-delayed blowback action that helps reduce felt recoil even further.

The Walther CCP 5080311 also has an ergonomic grip that feels comfortable in the hand. The grip is made from polymer and has textured panels for added grip. The magazine release is ambidextrous, making it easy for left-handed shooters to use.

Another notable feature of the Walther CCP 5080311 is its slide. The slide is easy to manipulate, making it easy for anyone to load and unload the firearm. Also, cocking the pistol's hammer requires less force compared to other pistols in its class.

For added safety, the Walther CCP 5080311 has a manual thumb safety, which prevents accidental discharge. Additionally, there is a loaded chamber indicator, which alerts you when there is a round in the chamber. The CCP also has a striker indicator that shows whether the pistol is cocked or uncocked.

The Walther CCP 5080311 comes with three-dot sights that are easy to acquire, even in low light conditions. The rear sight is adjustable for windage, allowing you to zero in your shots for maximum accuracy. The CCP also has a Picatinny-style rail that allows you to attach accessories such as lasers or lights.

This pistol is easy to disassemble, and its small size makes it simple to clean and maintain. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gun owner, the Walther CCP 5080311 is an excellent choice for concealed carry. It's reliable, accurate, and loaded with features that make it stand out from the competition.

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Glenn B
March 22, 2018
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Glenn B on

All the reviews you read online you always wonder if you made the right choice. The first time out with the Walther CCP about 300 rounds down range. We used all new loads federal, blazer, Winchester, and browning just to see if we could get the gun to mis

John H
December 20, 2017
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Awesome pistol, the best ergos out of any single stack 9mm pistol available. Put 200 rounds of factory brass loads through it the first day without a single malfunction. Very accurate pistol! The recoil implulse is on par with my G43, love the forest gree

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