Mossberg 590 50699

Mossberg 590 50699

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About Mossberg 590 50699

Built with law enforcement in mind, the Mossberg 500 20 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun is ideal for home defense. It has a 20-inch barrel with a matte, blued finish and a synthetic stock with a rubber recoil pad. It also boasts fiber-optic front and ghost ring rear sights. Includes a fixed cylinder bore choke.

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Brand Mossberg & Sons
Category Shotguns
Action Pump
Capacity 8
Finish Blued

Detailed Review

The Mossberg 590 50699 is a reliable and durable pump-action shotgun designed for law enforcement and military use. This shotgun features a 20-inch barrel and a 9-round capacity, making it an ideal choice for home defense or tactical operations. The 590 50699 variant comes equipped with ghost ring sights, which provide quick and accurate target acquisition in low-light conditions.

One of the most notable features of the Mossberg 590 50699 is its robust construction. The shotgun is built with a heavy-walled barrel and a steel receiver, which provide exceptional strength and durability. The 590 50699 also has a synthetic stock and forend, which are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use and exposure to harsh environmental conditions.

The Mossberg 590 50699 has several design elements that make it incredibly easy to use. For example, the ambidextrous top-mounted safety allows for quick and easy access, regardless of which hand is used to operate the shotgun. The 590 50699 also has a convenient sling swivel stud, which makes it simple to carry or transport the shotgun over long distances.

The Mossberg 590 50699 is chambered in 12 gauge, which is a versatile and powerful ammunition type. This shotgun can handle a wide range of ammunition, including buckshot, slugs, and birdshot, making it an excellent choice for hunting, sport shooting, and personal defense.

In conclusion, the Mossberg 590 50699 is a reliable and durable pump-action shotgun that is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its sturdy construction, easy-to-use design, and powerful 12-gauge ammunition make it a top choice for law enforcement, military personnel, and gun enthusiasts alike.

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NHV Railroader
May 8, 2016
Firearms Review Rating 100%

NHV Railroader on

Nice build! Simple, tactical, and practical. Also has a very clean look.

November 14, 2015
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Truly a classic! I have a 12 gauge shotgun, and it's mostly for play and home defense, but i may have to consider that model sometime

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