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.475 Linebaugh

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About The .475 Linebaugh Ammo is considered a very potent rimmed revolver bullet designed in the late 1980s in the United States. The .475 Linebaugh Ammo uses the .45-70 Government Ammo as its parent case and is greatly inspired by its design. The .45-70 Government Ammo was cut to 1.4 inches and loaded with a .475-inch diameter cartridge weighing from 320-grains to 440-grains. The .475 Linebaugh Ammo was made to accept .475 caliber Ammo which resulted in significantly different ballistic performance. The overall length of the .475 Linebaugh Ammo is 45mm. The bullet diameter of the .475 Linebaugh Ammo is 12.1mm. The 400-grain bullet load is the lightest variant of the .475 Linebaugh Ammo, which can travel at a velocity of 1,400 feet per second while creating an energy level of 1,741 ft.lbf. The .475 Linebaugh Ammo packs a lot of punch and stopping power, making it suitable for dangerous situations. Manufacturer The .475 Linebaugh Ammo design was based on the .45-70 Government Ammo, which was created and introduced into the market by John Linebaugh in the United States in 1988. Uses The .475 Linebaugh Ammo is primarily made to hunt down big game species and stop dangerous predators from jumping on you during your hunting session.

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Category Rifles
Height 0.00
Average FPS 1300
Average Grain 400
Recoil 0.00
Ballistic Coefficient 182.00

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