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Whether plinking around or on a masterful hunt this Savage Arms Stevens Rimfire Rifle makes it possible. Versatile in its style this Savage Arms Stevens Rimfire Rifle has a strong synthetic stock to give you balance and control at the time of fire. A blast to shoot and effective in its attack this Savage Arms Stevens Rimfire Rifle is sure to fill your shooting needs. Why not give the Savage Arms Stevens Rimfire Rifle a shot. Rimfire rifles add more fun to shooting than almost anything else for the money. Savage has known this for over a century and continues to improve and expand on this great rifle series. From casual plinking to serious hunting, the versatile line of Savage model rimfire rifles can handle it all.

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Savage Arms is one of the oldest and most respected names in the firearms industry. The company's Stevens line of shotguns has been a favorite of hunters and sportsmen for over 150 years. The Savage Arms Stevens 310 is one of the latest additions to the Stevens line, and it is quickly becoming a popular choice among hunters and shooters.

The Savage Arms Stevens 310 is a lightweight, break-action shotgun that is perfect for small game hunting, sport shooting, and home defense. It is available in a variety of calibers, including .410 Bore, 20 Gauge, and 12 Gauge. The shotgun features a matte black finish and a black synthetic stock that is both durable and comfortable to hold.

The Savage Arms Stevens 310 also features a 22-inch carbon steel barrel that is designed for accuracy and reliability. The barrel is also equipped with a removable choke, allowing shooters to adjust their shot patterns to fit their specific needs. The shotgun's receiver is made of lightweight aluminum, further reducing its overall weight and making it easy to carry and handle.

One of the most impressive features of the Savage Arms Stevens 310 is its trigger. The shotgun is equipped with an adjustable AccuTrigger, which allows shooters to fine-tune their trigger pull to their specific preferences. This can greatly improve accuracy and make shooting more enjoyable overall.

The Savage Arms Stevens 310 is also a very safe shotgun to use. It comes with a manual safety that is conveniently located just behind the trigger. Additionally, the shotgun's break-action design makes it easy to see if the gun is loaded or not, providing an added level of safety and peace of mind.

In conclusion, the Savage Arms Stevens 310 is a high-quality shotgun that is perfect for hunters, sportsmen, and anyone in need of a reliable home defense weapon. Its lightweight construction, durable materials, and impressive accuracy make it a great choice for any shooting situation. And with its adjustable trigger and safety features, it is also a very user-friendly firearm. If you are in the market for a new shotgun, the Savage Arms Stevens 310 is definitely worth considering.

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Robert L
April 11, 2011
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Robert L on

Fast delivery. Mag construction is a little weak but the rest is solid for the price. Accurate with a 3x9 and V-Max. Great Varminterminator for the price.

Ben M
February 25, 2011
Firearms Review Rating 80%

Got the rifle in the other day, and I'm going to take it out this weekend. Rifle seems to cycle pretty smooth. One downside I will say is that if you are looking to put a different scope on here, you're gonna have kinda a tough time. I wasn't able to find

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