Marlin 917 17HMR 70740

Marlin 917 17HMR 70740

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About Marlin 917 17HMR 70740

We took our varmint incinerating Model 917V up a notch with the added stability and aiming comfort of a laminated thumbhole stock. The Model 917VT has a brown laminate stock and richly blued finish. This is built with the same basic features as our original 917V, including the heavy 22" barrel and T-900 Fire Control trigger system for an ultraclean break and the utmost in shot-to-shot consistency. And like all Marlin bolt actions, these rifles are proven tack drivers. Receivers are grooved and drilled and tapped (scope bases are included).

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Brand Marlin
Category Rifles
Weight 7 oz
Action Bolt Action
Caliber .17 HMR
Capacity 7+1
Finish Blue
Gun Type Rifle
Sights Scope Base
Barrel Length 22"

Detailed Review

The Marlin 917 17HMR (71740) is a reliable and powerful rimfire rifle that has been designed specifically for varmint hunting and small game. With its superior accuracy, fast cycling action and smooth handling, this rifle is ideal for both novice and experienced hunters.

The lightweight but sturdy construction of the Marlin 917 17HMR is made possible by the use of high-quality materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum alloys and stainless steels in its construction. This ensures that the rifle is tough enough to handle even the toughest hunting conditions while remaining lightweight enough for easy carrying and fast target acquisition.

The rifle boasts of a 22" Micro-Groove® barrel that has been precision-crafted to deliver consistent and accurate shots even at long ranges. The barrel features a 1:9 twist rate which means that it spins the .17-caliber bullet faster, stabilizing it and allowing for better accuracy. The barrel is also fluted which helps dissipate heat quickly and reduces the overall weight of the gun.

The Marlin 917 17HMR also comes with an adjustable trigger that can be set to your preferences, making it easier to aim and shoot accurately. The trigger is crisp and light, allowing for faster follow-up shots. Additionally, the rifle is fitted with a safety mechanism that prevents accidental firing.

The rifle's stock is made out of synthetic material that is both durable and weather-resistant. The Monte Carlo-style stock has been designed specifically for varmint hunting, with a raised cheekpiece that provides a comfortable and stable shooting position. The stock also features a recoil pad that absorbs recoil, making it more comfortable to shoot for extended periods.

The Marlin 917 17HMR features a detachable box magazine that can hold up to seven rounds of .17 HMR ammunition. The magazine can be easily removed and reloaded, allowing for faster shooting without the need to manually load each round.

In summary, the Marlin 917 17HMR (71740) is an exceptional rifle that offers superior accuracy and reliability. Its sturdy construction, precise barrel and smooth handling make it an ideal choice for varmint hunting and small game.

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December 14, 2004
Firearms Review Rating 100%

john on

Not a problem at all. I know what it means to be inundated at work! Many thanks!´╗┐

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