The best over/under shotguns are designed to be one of the safest, most reliable guns for clay target sports, upland bird hunting, and more. The gun is not suited for home defense as it holds less than three shells. However, at gun clubs and outdoor hunting grounds, the hunters and clay shooters mostly rush to choose the O/U guns. 

You might be wondering why it’s always the first pick. Here are some of the reasons why—the guns are break-action guns and more reliable than semi-automatics and pumps. Furthermore, they don’t get jammed and are usually able to take in any ammunition. These qualities are best for those who might find it hard to afford high-quality shells. If you’re a clay shooter or an upland hunter looking to shoot away all the tension in your loins or spend some bonding time with your friends, these shotguns will add quality to the whole experience. 

However, it is no surprise that people get stuck when they try to figure out the best over/under shotguns to use. It is because there are a dozen over/under shotgun brands out there today, and some of them might not give you the best quality. 

If you want more insight about the best over/under shotgun brands in the market, keep reading.