Colt Single Action Army P2870

Colt Single Action Army P2870

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About Colt Single Action Army P2870

The original Cavalry standard Single Action Army came with a 7 ½” barrel, which is still available today. Colt revolvers also can be purchased in two other standards barrel lengths: 4 ¾” and 5 ½” (contact the Colt Custom Gun Shop to learn more about additional custom options).

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Brand Colt
Category Revolver
Weight 40 oz
Action Single Action
Caliber .45 Colt
Capacity 6
Finish Blue Barrel, Color Case Hardened Frame
Gun Type Revolver
Sights Fixed
Detailed Review

Detailed Review

The Colt Single Action Army P2870 is a beautiful and classic revolver with a rich history. Originally designed in the late 1800s, it has become one of the most recognizable revolvers in the world. Its design is simple and elegant, with a single action trigger mechanism that is incredibly smooth and consistent.

The P2870 is chambered for .45 Colt ammunition, which is a powerful round that is known for its accuracy and stopping power. The revolver has a 7.5-inch barrel, which provides excellent accuracy at longer ranges. The barrel is also made from high-quality stainless steel, which enhances its durability and resistance to corrosion.

The revolver features a beautiful blued finish on the frame, which provides an attractive contrast to the stainless steel barrel. The grip is made from high-quality walnut, which not only looks great but also provides excellent grip and control when firing the weapon.

In terms of safety, the Colt Single Action Army P2870 has both a half-cock notch and a transfer bar safety. The half-cock notch prevents the hammer from falling if the trigger is accidentally pulled, while the transfer bar safety ensures that the revolver will not fire unless the trigger is intentionally pulled while the hammer is cocked.

The P2870 is also incredibly versatile, as it can be used for both personal defense and hunting. With its powerful .45 Colt ammunition, it is capable of stopping even large game such as deer or bear. At the same time, it is compact and lightweight enough to be carried for personal defense purposes.

In conclusion, the Colt Single Action Army P2870 is an incredible firearm with a rich history and an iconic design. Its simple yet elegant design, powerful .45 Colt ammunition, and excellent construction make it a top choice for anyone looking for a reliable and accurate revolver. Whether you are a collector, hunter, or just someone who appreciates a quality firearm, the P2870 is a weapon that you will be proud to own.

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Edward Y
November 15, 2018
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Edward Y on

Gun in perfect condition. Beautiful piece of history. Great job by buds as usual. Perfect fit to your hand and just plain fun to own and shoot. Perfect is a word that truly fits this gun. Just like the Colt 1911 it is near impossible to improve this gun.

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