Glock 20 Gen 3 PF2050203 vs Glock 35 Gen 4 PG3530101MOS

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Other Pistol Glock 20 Gen 3 PF2050203 Glock 35 Gen 4 PG3530101MOS
Firearms Review Rating Not Rated
Firearms Review Rating Not Rated
Action Safe Action Safe Action
Caliber 10mm Auto .40 S&W
Capacity 15+1 10+1
Finish Black Black
Sights Fixed Adjustable
Barrel Length 4.60" 5.3"
Gun Type Pistol Pistol
Grip Black
Reviews See 28 Reviews See 1 Review
MSRP $660.00 $645.70
Used Price $462.00 $451.99
Sale Price $594.00 $581.13

Other Pistols Descriptions

Glock 20 Gen 3 PF2050203

The GLOCK 20SF, in 10mm AUTO, provides nothing short of massive firepower. The use of GLOCK hi-tech polymer considerably reduces felt recoil. With muzzle energy of 550 ft/lbs and a magazine capacity of 15 rounds, this 10mm is your reliable companion on every hunt.

Glock 35 Gen 4 PG3530101MOS

The Glock 35 Gen4 in .40 caliber introduces revolutionary design changes to the Glock that dominates the Limited Class of competitive Shooting Sports worldwide. Internally, the Glock dual recoil spring assembly substantially increases the life of the system. A reversible enlarged magazine catch, changeable in seconds, accommodates left or right-handed operators. The surface of the frame employs the scientifically designed, real-world-tested, Gen4 rough textured technology. The modular backstrap design lets you instantly customize its grip to adapt to an individual shooter's hand size. The G35 Gen4 retains the Glock accessory rail for your attachments. Glock engineers have developed the Glock Modular Optic System (MOS) to simplify mounting of popular optics without costly custom machining of the pistol's slide. The MOS is offered with cover plate when no optic is mounted and four plates options to comply with the specifications of some of the most trusted optic manufacturers in the industry. MOS gives you the option of adding tall iron sights allowing the optic and the iron sights to co-witness.