Bushmaster Gas Piston 90294 vs Bushmaster Var24 ATACS

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Rifles Bushmaster Gas Piston 90294 Bushmaster Var24 ATACS
Firearms Review Rating Not Rated
Firearms Review Rating Not Rated
Action Semi-Automatic Semi-Automatic
Caliber .223 Remington .223 Remington
Length 42.25"
Barrel Length 24" Heavy Barrel
Capacity 5
Finish Camo
Gun Type Rifle
Brand Bushmaster Bushmaster
Reviews See 2 Reviews See 1 Review
MSRP $1,081.50 $816.89
Used Price $757.05 $571.82
Sale Price $973.35 $735.20

Rifles Descriptions

Bushmaster Gas Piston 90294

The Bushmaster Gas Piston System Rifles bring new levels of reliability to the “AR” type rifle platform by eliminating carbon build up, gas leaks and heat within the Upper Receiver. The Gas Piston System operates by tapping gas pressure off the barrel much like the systems found on AK-47s and FALs * Functions with a wider range of ammunition - less gas pressure - lower cyclic rate * Offers improved reliability and control - with cleaner operation and reduced recoil * Keeps carbon build up and powder residue from reaching - and fouling the Upper Receiver and Bolt Carrier * A Detented Plug in the Gas Block allows easy cleaning of the Systems’ Hard Chrome Plated Piston

Bushmaster Var24 ATACS

Features a fluted 24 inch chrome-moly steel extra-heavy varmint barrel (one inch diameter out to gas block) and eleven degree competition muzzle crown. Coated bore and chamber. One in nine inch twist free-floated with a vented aluminum fore-end. Two-stage competition trigger (3.5 pound takeup, 1 pound letoff). Ships with manual and 5 round magazine. Covered in A-TACS camouflage finish.