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This shotgun features a double white bead sighting system and a 30" ventilated rib barrel with an extended stainless steel IM trap choke. The cast frame is coated with electroless nickel, giving the gun an attractive, eye-catching custom gun look. Its custom designed trap buttstock perfectly aligns the shooters eye with the bead sights and is fitted with checkered, select grade walnut from the American Walnut Company. It also features a Pachmayr trap recoil pad for performance and comfort. Like all shotguns in the Topper family, the Trap Gun patterns well, has a transfer bar safety and a smooth single shot action that opens with the push of a lever. A perfect fit for those learning the sport.

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Brand H&R 1871
Category Single Shot Shotgun
Action Break open
Finish Multi

Detailed Review

The H&R 1871 Topper is a single-shot rifle or shotgun that was manufactured by Harrington & Richardson (H&R) from the late 1800s until the 1980s. The Topper was one of H&R's most popular models, and it was available in a wide range of calibers and gauges to suit a variety of shooting needs.

The H&R 1871 Topper was designed as a simple, rugged firearm that could be used for hunting, target shooting, and general plinking. It featured a break-open action that allowed the shooter to easily load and unload a single cartridge or shell at a time. The Topper had a solid steel receiver and a barrel that was either blued or polished and finished in various lengths and configurations. The stock and forend were typically made from hardwood, such as walnut or birch, and were available in a variety of finishes and grades.

The Topper was produced in several different models, including the Topper Junior, Topper Deluxe, Topper Trap, and Topper Turkey. These models varied in their features and configurations, but all shared the same basic design and function. The Topper Junior was a smaller, lighter version of the standard Topper, designed for youth shooters or those with smaller frames. The Topper Deluxe had a higher grade of wood and a more polished finish, while the Topper Trap was designed specifically for trap shooting with a raised rib and specialized choke. The Topper Turkey was a 12-gauge shotgun that was camouflaged and designed for turkey hunting.

One of the advantages of the H&R 1871 Topper was its versatility. It could be used for a variety of shooting activities, from small game hunting to deer hunting, from skeet shooting to trap shooting. The Topper was also relatively affordable, making it an excellent choice for novice shooters or those on a budget. The simple break-open action and lack of complex mechanisms also made the Topper easy to maintain and repair.

Today, the H&R 1871 Topper is a popular collector's item, sought after by enthusiasts of vintage firearms. While production of the Topper ended decades ago, there are still many examples available on the market, ranging from pristine specimens to well-worn workhorses. Whether you're a collector or a shooter looking for a reliable, classic firearm, the H&R 1871 Topper is a great choice.

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Sir John
September 7, 2016
Firearms Review Rating 100%

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