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The Czech SA Vz 58 service rifle is now available from CZ-USA in 2 semi-automatic versions, including the VZ 58 Military Sporter. The Sa vz. 58 was developed by Ing. Jiri Cermak in 1956 and 1957, adopted by the Czechoslovakian army in 1958. Approximately one million Sa vz. 58 rifles were produced during its 20 year production run. The new Tactical and Military Sporter models are manufactured by combining original Sa vz. 58 components with a new semi-auto only milled receiver, a new trigger mechanism and new fire controls. Includes one 30 round alloy magazine, cleaning kit, and owner's manual and history on CD.

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Brand Cz-usa
Category Autoloader Rifle
Length 35.9"
Action Semi-Automatic
Caliber 7.62x39mm Soviet
Weight 117.12 oz
Capacity 30+1
Finish Matte Black
Gun Type Semi-Automatic Rifle
Sights Adjustable Rear Sight
Barrel Length 16.1"
Detailed Review

Detailed Review

The CZ VZ 58 is a selective fire, gas-operated rifle that was developed in the Czech Republic during the late 1950s. It was designed to replace the aging Soviet-designed AK-47 rifle that was widely used by the Czechoslovak Army at the time.

The VZ 58 was first introduced in 1959 and quickly became popular due to its lightweight design, reliability, and accuracy. It saw widespread use not only in the Czechoslovak Army but also in other countries such as Egypt, Libya, and Syria.

The rifle features a unique takedown mechanism that allows for easy disassembly and maintenance. Its gas piston system is located above the barrel, which helps to reduce recoil and increase accuracy. The VZ 58 also has a safety catch that can be easily manipulated with the shooter's trigger finger, allowing for quick and easy access.

The VZ 58 uses a proprietary 7.62x39mm cartridge, which is similar to the one used by the AK-47. It has a 30-round magazine capacity and an effective range of up to 400 meters. The rifle's iron sights are adjustable for both windage and elevation.

Over the years, several variants of the VZ 58 have been produced. These include the VZ 58P (which features a fixed wooden stock), the VZ 58V (which has a folding metal stock), and the VZ 58 Compact (which has a shorter barrel and overall length).

The VZ 58 has been praised for its reliability and accuracy, making it a popular choice among military and law enforcement personnel. It has also gained a following in the civilian market, particularly in countries where gun ownership is legal.

In conclusion, the CZ VZ 58 is a well-designed and reliable rifle that has served its users well for over six decades. Its lightweight design, accurate performance, and easy maintenance make it a popular choice for military, law enforcement, and civilian use.

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David Esch
February 26, 2012
Firearms Review Rating 78%

The vz-58 I have was one of the last from CZ-USA, but they are still being brought in today by CzechpointUSA. The rifle is lighter than an AK by a full pound, more accurate than the three AKM clones I have owned over the years, east all factory and reload

justine m
December 19, 2011
Firearms Review Rating 100%

if you think this is an AK look alike think again totally different weapon . go on and look it up and you will see

Michael P
September 21, 2008
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Michael P on

Took to range yesterday and can say I am impressed. While not as accurate as my AR's, it shoots a far more, at least at close range, lethal thirty caliber round. It is far cheaper to shoot as well, with cheap Wolf ammo. Very well made, NOT a POS AK, total

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