Cimarron 1878 Coach vs CZ Bobwhite 06120

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Side by Side Shotgun Reviews Cimarron 1878 Coach CZ Bobwhite 06120
Firearms Review Rating Not Rated
Firearms Review Rating Not Rated
Action Break open Break open
Capacity 2 2
Finish Blued Black
Caliber .410 Bore/.410 Gauge
Gun Type Hunting
Brand Cz-usa
Reviews See 13 Reviews See 1 Review
MSRP $374.20 $504.70
Used Price $261.94 $353.29
Sale Price $336.78 $454.23

Side by Side Shotgun Reviews Descriptions

Cimarron 1878 Coach

1878 Coach Side by Side 12 Gauge 3 Inch Chamber 20 Inch Barrel Standard Blue Finish American Walnut Stock Side by side with real working hammers and three inch chambers. Cylinder bore. American walnut stock. Blued Gauge: 12 Chamber: 3" Barrel Length: 20

CZ Bobwhite 06120

The CZ - USA Bobwhite are a favorite with quail, grouse and pheasant hunters. Its side-by-side design appeals to the traditional shooter, with its double trigger and straight-grip Turkish walnut stock. The CZ - USA Bobwhite are great ShotGuns to have. And when we say classic, we mean CLASSIC. Because the Bobwhite, more than any other CZ® side-by-side, resembles the classic guns of yesteryear. It traces its shape back to the beginning of modern firearms -- a shape that hunters still prefer for quail, grouse and pheasant. The straight-grip stock is a perfect match for the dual triggers, as it allows for fast and easy transition between triggers, and makes for quicker handling in heavy brush.