Browning BPS Hunter vs Browning Maxus Sporting

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Featured Deal
Shotguns Browning BPS Hunter Browning Maxus Sporting
Firearms Review Rating Not Rated
Firearms Review Rating Not Rated
Length 48.75"
Action Pump Semi-Automatic
Capacity 3+1 4+1
Finish Matte blue Black Synthetic
Barrel Length 28" Vent Rib
Caliber 12 GA 12 GA
Gun Type Shotgun Shotgun
Sights Bead
Brand Browning Browning
Reviews See 5 Reviews See 4 Reviews
MSRP $755.99 $1,662.74
Used Price $529.19 $1,163.92
Sale Price $680.39 $1,496.47

Shotguns Descriptions

Browning BPS Hunter

The Browning BPS Hunter is a family of pump action shotguns available in a variety of calibers and barrel lengths of 26 or 28. A polished blue steel receiver and barrel are accompanied by a satin finish walnut stock. The BPS Hunter like all BPS shotguns features a bottom feed and ejection port ensuring spent shells wont into the faces of your companions or yourself if youre a left-handed shooter. A set of interchangeable chokes allow for customization of shot patterns and the top tang safety is another feature benefiting left handed or ambidextrous shooters.DetailsBrownings BPS Hunter pump shotgun has a solid steel reputation for durability and dependability. The BPS has a solid reputation for long-lasting durability and an uncanny ability to keep on working in spite of what Mother Nature does to stop it. It has what most other pump shotguns dont - features like rigid dual machined steel action bars a forged and machined steel receiver a convenient top-tang safety bottom ejection for ambidextrous operation and legendary Browning balance and handling. Thats why the BPS continues to be the pump shotgun serious shotgunners like you can always rely on. Bottom loading provides operating convenience and bottom ejection throws empty shells straight down out of the line of sight and makes the BPS the ultimate pump for right- or left-handed shooters.

Browning Maxus Sporting

MAXIMUM RELIABILITY. MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE. Real-world reliability is the most important feature any manufacturer can build into a firearm. Thats why it was the first priority when we set about developing the Browning Maxus. The Power Drive Gas System is designed to perform under harsh hunting and shooting conditions with a wide array of loads. But reliability isnt the whole story. The Maxus delivers 18% less felt recoil for greater comfort, 44% less muzzle jump for more accurate follow-up shots, 19% faster bolt speed and 24% faster locktime than the nearest competitor. Unequalled reliability and features, all found in the finest, most reliable gas-operated autoloader ever to swing on a bird.

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