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Century Arms AK63DS for Sale

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Specifications: Finish: Matte Black Stock: Underfold Stock/Wood Handguard Special Feature: Threaded Barrel Model Caliber: 7.62 x 39mm Capacity: 30 + 1 Number of Magazines:1 Barrel Length: 16" Sights: Open Rifle Sights Safety: Lever Additional Info: Compensator/Classic Slant Brake RAK-1 Enhanced Trigger Group … read more


Brand Century International Arms Inc.
Category Centerfire Rifles
Action Semi-Automatic
Caliber 7.62x39mm Soviet
Capacity 30 + 1
Finish Phospate
Gun Type Semi-Automatic Rifle
Barrel Length 16.5 "

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Mike R
July 7, 2018
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Mike R on

Excellent AK. I own an Amd and Akm, and this one is quite solid as well as accurate right out of tje box. Glad to see century shipped with a magpul vs the usual tapco mags

Noman K
June 22, 2018
Firearms Review Rating 100%

This is a solid AK. Optics not needed and only way you destroy this thing is with a tank!! First model that I have tried that was not an automatic that I had the pleasure and terror of using at a much younger age while living in the Middle East. Parts are

March 18, 2018
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Got this gun on Thursday, fired 200 rounds thru it this weekend. LOVE this gun. Dead on accurate right out of the box. This is my new bug out gun.

November 16, 2017
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Arrived in perfect condition. Have not fired any rounds yet as I just picked it up. Mounting a red dot scope on it right now. Great price and fast delivery. Can't wait to get out and shoot it.

Douglas A
September 11, 2017
Firearms Review Rating 100%

Very nice rifle for what I paid. Shoots great and has never had an issue.

John E
April 8, 2017
Firearms Review Rating 100%

This AK63D is a sweet gun it shoots right on, Have had no problems with it at all.

jun x
January 14, 2016
Firearms Review Rating 100%

just recevied last night ,order before watched ak63d many video ,really beautiful and Excellent, Much to my surprise mine had a cleaning rod & sling, plus the two magazines, cleaning kit, oil cans. Fast shipping, Great service, Lowest price on the net !

melissa r
December 24, 2015
Firearms Review Rating 60%

As always fast shipping. Finish on it had some scratches furniture was a little scratched and not a great finish. Missing from what was listed was muzzle cover and blank loaders, however it did have a sling that was not listed. Fires smooth and true right

luis d
November 25, 2015
Firearms Review Rating 80%

Lower handguard was pretty beat up and the pistol grip had a scuff but the upper handguard looked new. Finish is a matte black that feels like it could rub off just by touching it. The under folder locking mechanism is nice and tight. I tried a 3 differen

connor w
July 9, 2015
Firearms Review Rating 60%

Its an ak. The bolt is super smooth. The finish however on mine was a little sloppy. The barrel had a scratch on it and it was basically like your basic wasr non-shiny, matte black finish. Wish I had known this before I purchased it. The wood was on there

Century Arms AK63DS Questions and Answers

Asked by geoz48 3 years ago

Chrome barrel?

Unknown 3 years ago

Tony, this rifle has a 16.5" Chrome Moly 4140 Steel Barrel. It is not chrome lined.

Asked by geoz48 4 years ago

Does the stock fold?

Unknown 3 years ago

Yes Leonardo, this rifle has an under folding stock. Overall Length 26" Folded / 35.75" Extended

Asked by geoz48 4 years ago

Bayonet lug??

Unknown 3 years ago

Yes it does, finding a bayonet to fit will be the trickier part. But according to Century Arms, "Hungarian Type 1 AK bayonet" should fit.

Asked by geoz48 4 years ago

Cleaning rod

Unknown 3 years ago

yes the cleaning rod is included

Asked by geoz48 4 years ago

Wooden furniture

Unknown 3 years ago

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